A machine that gives new meaning to the idea of "spending time."

SJR's Time Machine is an interactive experience that examines the relationship between time and the internet. It urges people to be more thoughtful about the content they consume, ultimately prompting us all to reflect and ask, "What is worth my time?"

This machine ties back to SJR’s unique approach to storytelling. Every aspect of our work is guided by the principle of valuing a person’s time; for clients, consumers, and our own employees. In an age of virtual substance overload, we make pieces and create stories that are worth the most valuable thing you own. This machine is our north star, constantly reminding us of who we are and who we will continue to be. 

Creative Direction, Concept + Execution
Interactive/Experience Design

Writers: Johnmichael Faustini, Jenny Begley
Design Asst: Jeremy Feliciano
Electrical Engineer: Mohammad Asgari

Documentation Creds:
Photo/Video: Chris New & Paul Slupski
Producer: Lindsay Shaprio
Video Script: Sophie Mancini
Editor: Brian Agime
Retouching: Chris New & Laura Beckerdite

What's Inside 
Each bag the time machine holds a specific digital experience from different social platforms. From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, to Youtube, and Dating apps, each bag contains a unique piece of content. For example, in a bag labeled “Instagram,” you might find an engraved mirror tile that reads “Photo of a croissant at a cafe.” In a “Facebook” bag, a tile might say “Notification: Your great aunt tagged you in a photo from 3 years ago.” 

Vending Machine_jbm_2018_10_04.001Vending Machine_jbm_2018_10_04.001