A complete redesign for was informed by SJR's 2019 theme: time. All content for the site focuses on the exploration of this concept, and what insights we can gain from efficiency to quality control, to agile, strategic thinking.

It was important to weave this concept into the website as a seamless, integral part of the digital experience. Our intention was to serve the user in a unique way by communicating the question, "What's worth your time?".

We created an alternate form of navigation centered in the header, based on how much time a user has. This site allows users to drag a slider left for "The Gist" or right for a "Deep Dive". Content tiles are displayed like an editorial moodboard: quotes from articles populate on the homepage as the user slides according to how much time they have. "Deep Dive" renders fullbleed immersive images, whereas "The Gist" grids out a higher-level look at the site's content. "The Gist's" smaller fractals of text and imagery allow for more content tiles to be viewed at a time.

Other elements of time folded into the site: "Read Time" for every piece of content, whether an infographic, video, or whitepaper. Quotes pulled from articles displayed out for "The Gist" view of the homepage. 

Creative Direction, Branding, UX/UI

Concept and Design with

Namita Devadas & Chris Lehr