BROOKLYN MAGAZINE focuses on the community, commerce and culture of Brooklyn – a place with global resonance. The publication had been dormant since 2017 and relaunched under new ownership in December 2020.

Brooklyn Magazine's bold vision is to elevate the voices and stories that speak to a borough and nation in transition. This spirit is reflected in the brand identity through a big, vibrant, mixed media approach to imagery, color and typography. The new system is energizing, boisterous and quick – represented through unexpected color pairings and unconventional juxtapositions of imagery. Punchy textures and colors vibrate to create rhythmic visual noise. And our animated logotype is always on, following the action. 

Creative Direction, Design,
Editorial Illustration

Strategy: Johnmichael Faustini
Design: Jess Ulman &
Sebastian Longhitano

Web design: Catherine Choi
Illustration: Ryan Hanson