NeueHouse hosted events for Frieze Los Angeles. 5,000 members and guests filtered through the private workspace over the course of a week to attend film screenings, live performances and art exhibitions. SJR partnered with NeueHouse to serve an interactive experience – The Time Machine, featured at the main entrance as the first installation on the circuit and stocked with 300 collectible bags – a mix of NeueHouse branded pieces and unique internet content.

Items are priced by time, not money. Users must wait 10-60 seconds for their content to be dispensed.
Joelle & JM Creative Studio

Creative Direction,
Concept & Design

Strategy: Johnmichael Faustini, 
Editorial Content: Jenny Begley
Design Asst: Jeremy Feliciano
Electrical Engineer: Mohammad Asgari

Photo/Video: Chris New & Paul Slupski

Vending Machine_jbm_2018_10_04.001Vending Machine_jbm_2018_10_04.001