SJR is a digital publishing agency serving large organizations – spanning industries like technology, energy and modern healthcare. The core of the SJR's service and strategy is to decode complexity, uncover narratives and transfer knowledge to build and defend brand reputation.

Working at SJR means solving challenges through looking at a situation from every angle. SJR's identity graphically captures that multidimensional approach – a keystone logo, layered imagery and hard lines that unexpectedly twist.

For 2020, the aim was to create a visual system that accurately represents the spirit of the brand and expresses its inherent qualities: curiosity, irreverence and agility. A minimal, utilitarian structured design system allows for emphasis on SJR's vibrant original imagery and ideas.

Creative Direction
Design + Branding
Editorial Illustration

Webdesign: Catherine Choi

Logo design: Sebastian Longhitano
Editorial illustrations: Jess Ulman,
Ryan Hanson, Sebastian Longhitano,
Namita Devadas, Chelsea Peterson



A shoppable page launching on for unique content offerings
ranging from limited edition print pieces to objects and interactive installations.

Select featured content: Asymmetric 8ballPlaybook for Successful Storytelling,
The Time Machine, The Strategic Storyteller, Wonder Wisdom & Delight Bread.