Spotify is the market leader in music streaming and and they were planning to go public on April 3rd, 2018, but had a limited background in communicating publicly to press, consumers, artists, and industry insiders. They needed to open their doors and reveal who they were, not only to their fans and partners, but to their new investors. SJR was asked to help redefine their communications strategy from one driven by press releases to one anchored in storytelling—and to ensure it kept true to their Swedish origins. 

Since 2018 (pre-IPO), I've led the creative Spotify's newsroom, For The Record along with managing visuals for other internal communication – touching everything from pitch decks for Spotify's C-Suite to confidential press hubs to consumer facing graphics. I've working closely with stakeholders to ensure we're not only just embodying Spotify's unique brand guides but also telling each story the right way to reach the right audience. 

The Results: The launch of For the Record saw millions of page views, all from organic traffic. An ecosystem including Twitter, influencer partnerships, and media outreach drove most of our articles to obtain earned top-tier media coverage from publications like Variety, Billboard, Quartz, and Music Ally. 

Creative Direction

websites, microsites,
illustration, d
social graphics,
animation & video